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Scam Calls and SMS – Fraud Warning

Lyca Mobile takes reporting fraud very seriously. If you have been a victim of fraud, we will support you. There are steps you need to follow and reporting this is key, we want to minimise any further impact. It is important to understand that we may never understand or find out how the root cause initially occurred nor can we make any assumptions.

There are known examples which have started from phishing, smishing and the use of social engineering tactics to obtain information.

This is not only to trick you but to appear to be something the perpetrators are not i.e., Lyca Mobile.

This is fraud.

You may have received untoward contact via a suspect phone call, SMS, WhatsApp or even Viber. This is not uncommon. If you are unsure who is contacting you, end this communication immediately and contact us via the appropriate channels as listed on our website.

Scam – Calls & SMS

• Private number or international dialling code
• Request for money
• Poor grammar
• Use of information gained from social engineering, to gain your trust

Do not engage with these persons and do not carry out any requests. End all communication and contact us immediately.

Known Scams

There are known scams that are in circulation and we ask that you always remain vigilant which such contacts and requests.

• Phishing
• Impersonation Fraud
• Fake Lyca Lottery Scam Prize
• Fake COVID-19 Vaccine SMS Scam

If you suspect something is not right, report this straightaway via the communication methods outlined below. We will never ask you for money. We have been made aware of scenarios where money has been requested from the fraudster. These are common/known methods and should be treated with suspicion. Any request for money to be sent via Google Play vouchers, MoneyGram & Western Union transfer are known fraud tactics.

These are known factors fraudsters use for financial gain and should be treated with suspicion. Do not send money via these methods. These payment methods are classed as high risk as they are almost impossible to track down and are almost redeemed within minutes of transfer. If you have sent any money via these methods, please report accordingly via the links outlined below.

We will never ask for your personal government-issued photographic identification nor will we communicate with you by WhatsApp or Viber. We have seen in some cases fraudsters requesting this to claim a prize. This is fraud.

There are examples of fraudsters requesting an ‘up-front’ payment to release funds relating to a lottery pay out, again this is fraud. All lottery enquiries are found within the ‘my account’ function which is managed by your own personal login and secure password. See link below:

There have been reported examples of fraudsters impersonating company CEO’s and those equivalent job titles with the request of funds via Google Pay vouchers and similar voucher-based payment transfer.

Fraudsters have targeted specific persons within a company ‘acting’ as a CEO, then requesting money to be sent via WhatsApp or similar. Never send money via these methods and end all communication and reporting to your Information Security Officer within your organisation.

You will need to report as per links found below.

The amounts are usually large, and voucher based with suspicious e-mail addresses used as an initial contact method.

How do I report a Fraud enquiry to Lyca Mobile?

• Contact us via the following form below
• Send us all details including any screenshots and attachments to our Fraud Alerts e-mail address:
• Submit an official report to Action Fraud and Scamwatch.
• Make official contact and report with your local police force/cybercrime division.
• Financially, there will need to be an official report made. This could have been your card issuer/money provider or money transfer service. Google Play vouchers, MoneyGram, and Western Union transfer. Contact details can be found below:

Fraudsters tactics are always improving as with our current climate. You should always question why you are being contacted and to seek clarification immediately. We will never directly contact you to ask for personal information nor request financial reimbursement from you.

Scamwatch and Action Fraud websites are the official ways to report. There are further examples/tips to spot fraud and to remain safe online:

How can Lyca Mobile help me if have been a victim of Fraud?

• Collect as much information as possible and e-mail this to
• Provide screenshots and add these as attachments.
• Report to the appropriate website links above.
• Use the submit form below.
• Contact our customer service team.

When contacting us regarding fraudulent activity or you believe you have been a victim of fraud, please provide us with as much detail as possible and any screenshots that may help. You will need to report the matter to Scamwatch and Action Fraud along with any local police force to obtain an official reference for reporting purposes. Our commitment to you with your enquiry is to offer our support and help and to minimise any further impact to you.

To contact customer services:

• Dial 122 from Lyca Mobile. Charges: Free.
• You can also dial 1300 854 607 from another network phone.

Fraud Reporting


Please supply as much information as possible

In today’s world, you need to know how to stay safe from fraud

You can report any suspected fraud activity to us at giving details of what's happened, including any police or action fraud crime number. Also include full contact details so we can reply back

We can only assist with fraud queries related to Lyca services.

If you have lost money from an SMS or telephone fraud, let your bank or card provider know immediately. They may also help you get your money back. You should also report this to Action Fraud straight away.

Remember that Lyca will never ask you for your pin or password by text or email.